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Answer:  There are many reasons why it is to your advantage to use an experienced, professional real estate agent.  Some of the best are:
I will deal with a number of buyers and am able to match their needs with what you the seller, are offering. It has been estimated that fewer than 5 percent of the buyers eventually purchase the house they call about.  As your agent, it is my task to sort out prospects and direct the appropriate ones to your house.
I will be available more than just eight hours a day during the week.  I will be available evenings and weekends, with a backup service that covers a wide range of space and time.  This means you get extensive coverage while freeing your time for other matters.
I will screen prospects.  Every prospective buyer brought to your house will be looking for property like yours and will be capable of buying it.  Screening saves time for everyone.
I will discuss details of the sale with the buyer.  Buyers usually talk more freely to an agent rather than the homeowner.
I will provide a marketing analysis. As an agent, I have the means to properly research the value of your house.  Pricing is an important part of selling your property.  
I will arrange appointments to show the propert.  As your Realtor, I will clear appointments with you in advance and will conduct the actual showing of your house.
I will periodiacally call you with updates on what progress has been made.  
I will help negotiate the contract of sale.  I will help with finances and the various aspects of legally "closing" the negotiation.

These are some of the basic reasons for using my services to sell your house or property of someone you know.  Others include: fix-up advice (when needed), advertising, open house, transfer of title, and after sale follow-up information.

If I can be of help to you, a relative, or a friend, please call.